Mississauga Wound and Foot Center

We are an interprofessional team of physicians, nurses and chiropodists.

We are available to receive and assess all wound problems. These services are covered by the Ontario Provincial Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

Routine care includes:

  • Wound Management – Coordination with LHIN nursing care providers. We plan and monitor the care on an ongoing basis whether simple or advanced dressings depending upon healability and other factors
  • Pressure Reduction – Most commonly cast-boots and readily available off-loading sandals may be prescribed. Also when needed: peri-operative specialized modifications to cast boots and other pressure reduction devices may be provided and fashioned as needed  

The Complex Problem of Wounds in Persons with Diabetes:

We do have special interest, training, and resources devoted to the team management of foot ulcerations which develop in persons with diabetes. Not all such services are covered under OHIP. Here are some of the specialized services our team provides:

  • PROTECTION MANAGEMENT – For those with sensory loss (Neuropathy) at risk for un-noticed damage to their feet:
    • Total Contact Cast (TCC) application as well as other special devices.
    • For difficult and refractory problems  advanced diagnostics may be used via specialized assessment of the force applied to the foot when walking (Peak Plantar Pressure).
  • BLOOD SUPPLY AUGMENTATION – For those with poor arterial supply (Perfusion limited foot) at risk of amputation in need for augmentation: 
    • Specialized Vascular Assessment: search for specific areas of reduced oxygen delivery using a tool called the transcutaneous oximeter. The results of such assessment may tell us whether and which treatment options may be a consideration.